Friday, June 6, 2008


Hi. I've started this blog to chronicle my attempts at growing vegetables here in the often inhospitable environment of Las Vegas, Nevada. We--my wife & I, and our rescued four-legged kids--live about twenty miles to the northwest of the Strip, in a suburban home with a very small backyard. As the yard is covered in concrete tiles, I garden in containers exclusively. Halfway through my second year as a practioner of this style of gardening, I've learned that it's possible to have some fun and put healthy food on the table, even with the limited space of modern suburban/urban living and the extremes of desert climate. Hope you enjoy following my garden's progress, and thanks for visiting and commenting.


Abby said...

Hello John,

We are the same age blogwise.
I noticed you also visited the drunken gardener of note. Don't think she bothered with us beginners ;-)

There's a lot to learn, isn't there? I keep on trying to make sense of the verification, without much success ;-)

Container gardening is great, as you are in better control of the conditions. Never ate okra although I have seen it in the shops.

John said...

Hi Abby. Thanks for the comment. I'm still trying to figure out much of this stuff myself. It's definately a learning experience.

You should really give okra a try. It's a very hearty and productive plant and tastes great fried or grilled.

Barbee' said...

Hi John, I found you on blotanical and came over to read a while, and wound up reading the whole thing. You reminded me I meant to plant some okra this year and I totally forgot. I don't have much of a kitchen garden, but as you have already learned with your container garden: A surprising amount of produce can come out of a small area. Wonderful isn't it! Keep up the good work.