Monday, June 16, 2008

Grocery Rant

Marianne and I went grocery shopping yesterday and the only thing higher than the prices was my blood pressure as we drove home. The rate at which food prices are increasing in this country is just mind boggling. I think the only thing going up faster is the price of gasoline, which is, of course, the engine that is driving up grocery costs. Can you believe that a watermelon is now $7.00? And this isn't one of those nice two foot long melons. These things were smaller than a bowling ball! If you want to buy an ear of corn it will cost you at least $.50 (they were on sale 2 for a dollar!). Oranges have certainly become a delicacy at $.67 apiece. Good grief!


Shala said...

We also went to the grocery store yesterday and it really hit the pocket book. We are already discussing what we can plant next year to get more food out of our garden.

lostlandscape said...

Hopefully you'll have some amazing meals of okra and tomatoes before too long--not a bad diet! And soon maybe you can just drive by the grocery more than you can today. Good luck with those containers!