Monday, June 23, 2008

Desert Blooms

The importance of color is often increased by its rarity in desert surroundings. While the desert can, at times, be a strikingly beautiful place, it can also lack the vibrancy and vitality accompanying the blooms and greenery of more hospitable climates. Beyond the ambers, oranges, and black painted upon its mountains by early morning Sun and late evening shadows, the abundance of brown dirt, brown rocks, and brown shrubs at all times intervening can grow both monotonous and disheartening. Here are just a few non-vegetable plants that we've sown in hopes of adding a little color to our small corner of the desert.


Aiyana said...

I'm glad to see a fellow desert gardener. Our temps are somewhat higher here in Phoenix, but I think we are in the same USDA Zone. I don't grow veggies, except one container tomato that's long gone. Stop by sometime!

Lets Plant said...

Great Pictures!

DP Nguyen said...

Wow, gorgeous!