Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lemon Boy Tomatoes

For me, much of the fun of gardening results from the thrill and anticipation of growing new things. One new thing we've planted this year is the Lemon Boy variety of tomatoes. As of this point in the season, I must say these yellow orbs have been a very pleasant surprise.

So far, most of my Lemon Boys have been smallish to medium in size with the largest weighing in at about five ounces. As for production, I've harvested six ripe ones, and presently have another ten ripening on the vine. And despite the rapidly increasing heat, a few blooms are still setting fruit (we are now consistently in the 90s each day, with a few 100 plus days already mixed in).
While production has been ok for the Lemon Boy, it's the taste and color that really sets it apart. Marianne has proclaimed it her favorite as for flavor, and I must admit that it is running a really, really close second to my choice, the Black Prince. Its bright yellow appearance is also very appealing, adding great color to the presentation of any dish.

The only problem that I have experienced so far with the Lemon Boy has been a bit of blossom end rot on the first few tomatoes produced. This seems to have lessened, however, with subsequent batches.

I'll definitely be planting more of these in the future!


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous tomatoes. I really want to try more of the 'exotic' varieties of tomatoes, but have had such bad luck getting any significant yield off of 'regular' tomatoes, that I have held off.

Are the Lemon Boy tomatoes slicers, do you make sauce out of them? Basically, what are they used for? Can they be used to make salsa? Is their flavor right for something like that?

Sorry about the barrage of questions there at the end.

John said...

Hi Jennifer and thanks for the comment. So far we have sliced them for sandwiches and added them to pasta. They were very good both ways. The flavor is a little tangy and sweet. I can't wait to try them in the already amazing salsa that my wife makes. I'll be sure to post a blog entry about it as soon as I do.

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