Thursday, June 19, 2008

Turn on the AC, Please!

It looks like the dreaded 100 plus degree days have arrived to stay. Today will be the third or fourth in a row in the 105 range. The ten day forecast has all highs coming in at over 100, with tomorrow being the hottest at 108. I 've decided post pics of a few of my plants now, and then repost more of the same plants in a few weeks. It should be interesting to compare the pics and see how they are handling the heat.


Sunmaster (left), recently planted Heatwave (right)


Lemon Boy

Black Prince

Tabasco Pepper


Basil (second planting)


Annie said...

John, Good idea...I think I will take pictures now and compare them to what the plants will look like come July. The heat is a killer, I can't wait for September. I used to live in Alaska and I remember feeling this way about their winters. I do hope my plants make it through. I have been watering in the afternoon, but I think I am going to start watering in the morning.

CityGarden said...

The heat kill my plants also. We have 93F in the shade today and the summer just start

ericat said...

Thanks for dropping by, I am enjoying your very good blog. After reading your blog I will never complain about our summers again! I am all for the container gardening. Very handy here in our summers where we have water restrictions. I want to link to your site for some encouragement to plant at least some tomatoes next summer. It is now winter - and wet.

John said...

Thanks for the comments Annie, Citygarden, and Ericat. Hope all of your plants survive the heat. And thanks for the link Ericat. I will link to your blog as well.