Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fall Tomato Crop

Just an update on my plans for a Fall tomato harvest. As you may have read on an earlier post, a recent hornworm attack destroyed several of our plants (see: Return of the Hornworm). Our very productive Black Prince and Lemon Boy plants were, unfortunately, among the fatalities. While this ticked me off severely at the time, all is not lost on the tomato-growing front. The two Heatwave and two Sunmaster plants are still growing and doing very well, while the Better Boy limps along in its normal, unproductive manner.

Along with these established plants, I'll soon be transplanting several seedlings in hopes of a Fall crop. For this purpose, I have Black Prince, German Queen, Ace 55, and Lemon Boy plants all starting under the grow lamp. I've grown all of these from seeds, with the exception of the Lemon Boy which is a bit of an experiment. But that's a topic for another day.

Fall tomato plants


DP Nguyen said...

I hope your tomatoes under the lamp fare better than the other ones. I've never used these lamps before, but i've seen them in the store. How well do they really work?

John said...

Thanks for the comment Dp. The lamp works wonderfully for starting seeds and getting the seedlings ready to transplant. With decent bulbs--I use two different spectrum aquarium vegetation bulbs to compliment one another--you get really good growth. I built this one myself back at the beginning of the year.