Friday, July 18, 2008

Tabasco Pepper and Capt. Wayne's Salsa

We finally have a ripe Tabasco pepper! It seemed like the thing would never turn orange. I am really curious about how its going to taste and its heat level. I expect, and hope, that it tastes something like the Tabasco sauce that carries it name.
it even looks hot
On the topic of peppers, Marianne made some of her famously delicious "Captain Wayne's Salsa" the other night with Jalapenos and tomatoes from our container garden. It gets its name from a 747 captain who taught her how to make it. This stuff is addictively good and has a massive kick. If we could bottle and sell it I think we'd be rich in no time. I'd share the recipe, but if I did I might end up in the desert... (Old Vegas reference)

Captain Wayne's Salsa


Annie said...

That salsa sounds awesome! Glad you are getting some ripe peppers. I have decided to scrap my peppers and start over for the fall. Hey, you may want to join these yahoo gardening groups. The first one is all about container gardening. It is a great place to post questions and ideas and such. I have been getting a lot of help there. The second one is specifically for Vegas. Here are the links:

You just need a yahoo ID and then you can ask to is so easy.

Take care:)


Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

I think you'll be pleased with your Tabasco peppers, and making the sauce just involves some peppers, vinegar, and salt.

That salsa looks fantastic. Nothing beats homemade salsa. Especially homemade salsa with a kick. I like me some spicy food.

Cam said...

Wow, that pepper looks good! Hot and spicy, I hope. Even the green peppers are hot and will make nice salsa.