Friday, October 10, 2008

Tessa the Champion

Here's a video of my garden helper Tessa winning big. Make sure you have the sound turned on!

Update 10/13/08: Tessa finished her weekend of three competitions with First Place, Third Place, and Fourth Place finishes. By doing so she earned a title in the Rally Obedience Novice category and now moves up to compete in Rally Obedience Advanced. Finally, if you liked this video then you might want to check out this one of Tessa going swimming in Lake Mead:


Julie said...

Oh how wonderful!!! Congrats on your beautiful Tessa's accomplishments! She is so pretty!

the wife said...

The 2nd song is the Norwegian National Anthem :)

Sue M. said...

Yay for Tessa! She is certainly one beautiful dog!

I'm coming out of lurking. I'm your neighbor to the East, over in Kingman, AZ. I found your site when researching those blasted Horn Worms. That ought to tell you everything, where my garden is concerned. LOL

I've read your posts for over a month now. As a novice, first year gardener, I've enjoyed the tips, trials, and tribulations that you've shared. I also do container gardening and it has certainly been a challenge.

I spent over 2 hours today trying to protect my "crop" from frost as we are supposed to get in the low 30's tonight.

I also lived in Vegas for 17 years, so can relate to the heat and gardening challenges there.

Oh, and you need to update your tomato count which I've been following faithfully. ;) Your Black Prince is now at 31. LOL.

lola said...

Congrats to Tessa. Very good.

John said...

Thanks everyone for your great comments. We're very proud of Tessa. Marianne has done a wonderful job with her over the past few months. And Sue, thanks for reminding me about the tomato count. It's now up to date. Also, I've found several more of the evil hornworms recently. They just will not stay away.

Anonymous said...

well just look at Tessa!
Beautiful job!

we are going to take Carrie to a fly-ball comp one day. My Aunt Fran takes her dogs to them all the time and they have so much fun.

Congrats to Tessa and her mommy and daddy

Tammy said...

Tessa is beautiful! We do a bit different kind of gardening here, if you want to check out my website. We call it "chaos gardening" - LOL!