Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Okra Mystery Worm

Yesterday I found a worm feasting on one of our okra pods. As the pictures below show, this thing managed to inflict some pretty heavy damage to the pod. After some research I think it might be some sort of cabbage worm or perhaps a Diamond Back Moth larvae. All I know for sure is that it's not one of the hornworms that have been plaguing our tomatoes all year.

worm on stem side (right), crawling out of hole

okra worm


Julie said...

I am not a worm lover! Oh my!Yucky!!! I am so sorry for this problem. Good luck!!!

sue m. said...

Hi John. I'm not at all sure, but maybe a Cabbage Looper? Newbie gardener that I am, yesterday I found a dark brown worm on one of my tomato plants. In trying to research and figure out what it was (no luck), I came across a lot of other pests, besides the Horn Worm.

lola said...

Never heard of worms eating okra.