Thursday, October 23, 2008

Resilient Tomato Plant

A few weeks ago, several of our tomato plants experienced some form of blight. The plants wilted and dried out very quickly, beginning with their lower leaves and spreading upward. Some of the plants, such as a Black Krim and Ace 55, lost all of their foliage.

Although I disposed of the seemingly dead Black Krim plant, I decided to transplant the remaining Ace 55 "stem" from its container into our empty (and very small) vegetable bed. I figured I had nothing to lose by doing this, as every other plant that I had placed in the bed had either been devoured by unknown bugs or wilted away in a manner identical to the previously mentioned tomato plants.

Much to my surprise, the Ace plant has made a comeback after about two weeks. It's starting to put on leaves and is showing quite a bit of growth. It probably won't have time to put on any tomatoes before cold weather sets in, but I'll keep watering it just the same. I'm curious to see what it will do.

rebounding Ace 55 plant

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