Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not So Red

A while back I bought a bell pepper seedling at local nursery. I did this because the purple bell pepper plant that I had started from seed was obviously growing too slowly to bear anything before winter. Anyhow, I had gone looking that day for another purple pepper, as that is what Marianne wanted. Unfortunately the stores only had red ones in stock. So I picked out a healthy looking plant, brought it home, and re-potted it. Now, for over a month, I have occasionally mentioned our red bell pepper in several blog posts. This would be fine if, in fact, the pepper was red. Over the past few days, the peppers on the supposedly red-producing plant have started to ripen. To our surprise and Marianne's delight, they look suspiciously purple!

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Julie said...

I wonder if it will be purple or this lovely shade of a sort of chocolate brown? I found one at the South Florida State Fair last year, and you can see the picture I took of it HERE. I thought it was just SO beautiful, I bought one for my husband and one for my Mom too! I did find this particular one in a seed catalog later too, but can't remember what it is called. I want to say it was called a Chocolate Pepper, but I could be wrong!