Friday, November 21, 2008

Life of a Tomato: Week 2

Our Black Krim tomato is now two weeks old and is as funky shaped as ever. Although the picture isn't the best--for some reason I can't get our camera to focus--you can get a pretty good idea of its size and shape. The tomato is about twice as big as it was last Friday. You can see that it is much larger than the one to the right in the picture. That tomato is similar in shape and size to all the others on the plant.


Anna said...

I love tomatoes but we've had a record crop this year and I'm ready for a break. Looks like you'll have plenty to store up also.

Sue M. said...

Nice looking tomatoes, John! I'm going to try some Black Krim, Black Prince and Sunmaster over here next year, thanks to your posts.