Monday, November 3, 2008

Bell Peppers of Many Hues

Our bell peppers just can't seem to settle on a color. First, the things turned from green to purple. Then, they took on a sort of a dark brown color before returning to green. Now, as you can see by the picture below, a bit of red is beginning to show. If they turn completely (or even mostly) red, I'm going to to pick them!
about two weeks ago

same pepper this morning


DP Nguyen said...

Oh weird!! I had a bell pepper once this summer that also kept changing colors on us.. Then we left it on the plant too long, and it died. I hope you pick your soon!

lola said...

OMG, Sounds as though you have one of those that changes with the local color.

savvy_choice said...

Do you happen to take pics of your bell pepper seedlings when they germinated? And do they actually have tap root system? I may have some growing in the vege patch but I am not sure if they are bell peppers.