Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Late Tomato Blooms

We're getting lots of blooms on our tomato plants now. Unfortunately I think it may be too late. The weather forecast is calling for low temperatures in 45 degree range (7 c) all week. That may be too cold for the plants to set tomatoes and, even if they do, I'm not sure that they can ripen before even colder weather arrives. That's one of the most challenging aspects of trying to grow vegetables in this climate. The optimal weather conditions in the Spring and Fall just don't last long enough. It seems always to be too hot or too cold. Anyhow, the good news is that we already have several tomatoes ripening on the vine.


CityGarden said...

this is my problem also
I also wait many tomatoes to ripen before the cold days come but I am not sure if they can ripen. The weather is crazy in Greece these months

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Just now it's +0,8 C 92% humidity and I'm freezing my b... Shall we swap? I have tree tomatoes left stuggling in my greenhouse... Tyra :-)

Fern said...

Since it looks like your tomatoes are near the house, there might be a warmer micro-climate right there that could help extend your gardening season.

DP Nguyen said...

Aww, that's just too bad. Could you take them inside the house, would that help? Are they in containers? Maybe you could try it out and see what happens!

tina said...

Hi John,
Love your blog. You must really like vegetables and garden in a neat area for them. I visited Vegas once in the summer of 2002. It was such an experience and I LOVE that city. Not sure I can garden there so hats off to you.

Your tomatoes look really good. Maybe a bit late but you can enjoy the foliage. Ours are going by now. Frost coming this weekend so it is really time to pull them.

chaiselongue said...

It seems that even when there's sun at this time of the year, the tomatoes know the difference and take much longer to ripen. You may get some green fruit though. Do you have cold nights? I expect so, at this time of the year. It takes most of the day for the plants to warm up properly after a cold night. Your plants look good though - ours are very bedraggled after a week of rain!