Friday, August 15, 2008

Tomato Seedling Update

It's been about three weeks since our tomato seedlings came up and most are now ready to be transplanted outside into their permanent containers. Over the past week, I've been putting them outside for a little longer each day, in an attempt to harden them off against the hot weather. This seems to be working, as they now last much longer before drooping under the direct Sun than they did at the beginning of the week. I plan on transplanting one each of the Black Krim, Hawaiian Tropic, and San Marzano this evening.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Kudos to you for the promise of a bumper crop!

lola said...

Great looking tomato plants. Bet you will have plenty. Do you only have 2 growing seasons like us in Fl. Actually all yr.

plantgirl said...

those seedlings looks awesome - do you put them under grow lights?