Monday, August 4, 2008

Pebblestone Coating

This past Friday, Marianne and I watched in awe as Pebble Stone Coatings came out and worked their magic on our front sidewalk and porch area. We are simply thrilled with their product, the quality of service they provided, and the results! When Sean (the company representative) came out and scheduled the work, we went through the color selection and ended up with a pretty coralite coating, which is yellowish, and according to Marianne looks like "yummy rock candy". (She vetoed my pick, and as usual she was right on, HAH!) I know it seems difficult to believe in this day and age, but this company's crew showed up promptly at the time they had scheduled, and knew exactly what they were doing! They got right to work and finished the job within just a few hours. The coating had to dry for about 24 hours before we could walk on it, but at least during this time we had the pleasure of looking at it.
Close up of Pebble Stone Coating
It's really difficult to describe how much the pebble stone improved our front yard's appearance, so here are a few pictures of their expert work. This blog does not do product reviews or paid reviews, but we had this installed and just love the result, so call Sean or check out the Pebble Stone Coatings site.
Before Pebble Stone Coating

After Pebble Stone Coating

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DP Nguyen said...

That makes your yard looks so nice.