Thursday, August 28, 2008


We have our first roses in many, many months. They are a bit on the small side due to the heat, but are roses nonetheless. This plant put on lots of nice sized flowers in the Spring, but then almost died due to a mishap with the drip irrigation system. It seems to be doing much better now.


DP Nguyen said...

Those are beautiful. Small roses are just as pretty, I think. You could cut them and put them in a vase and enjoy them inside!

The Wife said...

I don't know if John told you, but we bought these "unseen" - we had no idea what color the roses would be! As you can see they are very light purple, and even though they may not be my favorite color it was such a treat to literally go and smell the roses this morning! :)

Dp, I agree, and tonight I will cut a few and put on our dining table. I like to put these in a clear water glass with a whimsical (read: cute!) ribbon tied around it. :)