Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden Update

Despite what's seemed like never ending 30+ mph (48+ km) winds this Spring, the container garden is doing ok. The tomato plants are all up in the three-foot range and are putting on quite a few little tomatoes. Our okra and cucumber plants are growing super quickly now that the daily high temperatures are consistently breaking 80 (26.6 c). The corn--a new experiment this year--is racing up as well. All of our various beans and the peanut plants are hanging in, but struggling a bit. Here are a few pictures:

A few of the tomato plants

Silvery Fir Tree tomato plant

A couple of the Clemson Spineless okra plants

Corn plants with peanut plants in the foreground


Anonymous said...

looking good!
here in bama we are getting soaked! almost to much rain

savvymummy said...

Hi, I also have two tomato silvery fir in pots and two in the ground. The two in pots are fruiting well but when they are heavy laden with tomatoes, the leaves started to go yellowish brown..not sure if it was due to nutrient deficiency...does that happen to yours in pots?

Sandra said...

Hey this is looking nice picture and thanks for sharing this information. I am always looking out to Container Gardening