Saturday, January 10, 2009

Please pretend it is December 23, 2008 :)

Happy New Year from The Wife - I just thought we should share a few Christmas photos with you! As you can tell it has been really hectic around here and therefore this post is it is just a TAD late! By the way, John is planting his tomato seeds as I am typing this, we went and got new seedstarter tray contraption and a few new varieties (Cherry tomatoes! Pink ones! White ones! Wohoo!!) so stay tuned for an update from him within the next couple of days.

Tessa all dressed up with her Santa leash & tiny (not!) sparkly bow, on our way to dinner with the dogladies!

...And here are the official 2008 Christmas photos! :)

We wish you everything good in 2009!

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Julie said...

Oh, how sweet! Love these pics! Such adorable babies!

Those tomatos sound like they will be so pretty and delicious!