Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slow Growing Bell Pepper Plant

It's fairly obvious by now that out Purple Beauty Bell Pepper plant isn't going to make any peppers this year. Truth is, it's not even getting large enough to transplant outdoors. About two months have passed since I planted it. During that time, the plant has grown to a lofty height of two inches. Save a miraculous growth spurt, I just don't foresee any purple peppers.

So, not counting on a miracle, I made a trip to the local nursery yesterday. While there I picked up a healthy looking red bell pepper seedling. This plant is pretty far along, already sporting several blooms. I'll be interested to see if they make or fall off after it's transplanted. If this one fails too, it will be my third and final strike on bell peppers this year.


DP Nguyen said...

Aww, the poor little pepper plant. Sometimes, they just don't grow like we want them too. Luckily your new plant will do better. I haven't had much luck with peppers. Maybe next year will be better for all of us.

fern said...

My bell peppers seem to be growing ridiculously slow too! Any ideas on what the problem is?